FileMaker CMS: Publish your products on the web

FileMaker CMS: Publish your products on the web - ‘On-The-Fly’

Cool web publishing features:

  • This dynamic data driven web site was made with our CMS - Products Web Publisher solution.
  • The creation and publishing of this page including images and text took only 9 minutes.
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If you are interested publishing your products or services to the web 'On-The-Fly', please contact us.

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FileMaker CMS: Online product database

Online product database with Filemaker for iPad

Product Inventory Brochure & Catalog
Easily organize your product inventory and services.

Product Inventory Brochure & Catalog may be customized and fully integrated with the FileMaker CRM module of the OMB-OnMyBusiness System.

OMB CRM is the CRM-Hub for business workflow and information around companies, contacts and communication such a emails and phone calls, visits, notes, etc.


Beside running on Mac and Windows desktops and laptops, most FileMaker solutions can be deployed as multi user and remote apps on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Cloud Computing Services:
We offer to deploy FileMaker solutions on the Cloud, for you to access your data whenever you connected to the internet and using the benefit of mobile computing.

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